Michigan Chapter
President:Steve Christian

The Michigan HSMM Chapter was formed approximately 20 years ago when Terry “Farmer” Moore met up with Barry Mayson.
While is was a “slow” growth from the onset – Terry was vigilant is the vision he had as well as the vision provided by Barry. Over the course of time, the ministry began to slowly grow and take shape with Terry as the President and State Rep. by simply planting the seeds to those around him.
The Michigan chapter remains as strong as ever and continues to nurture and grow as the Lord see’s fit. As a chapter, we don’t look at numbers as far as members are concerned but more so the heart of the individual and love for the Lord and others. To us, it is not about just putting a patch on your back (if that were the case we’d have a 100 members) but more so what is inside and your willingness to get involved (yes, ministry involves work) share the Word and be a blessing to those around you.
If you have a love for the Lord, a family atmosphere and a desire to serve those around you, please contact your closet Heaven’s Saints Chapter or member.
May the Good Lord keep you all Blessed and Highly Favored!
Much Love and Respect to you all.
Michigan HSMM Chapter.

We wear the Christian Flag on our backs with our armor patch in lower right hand corner