President: Troy “Cajun” Landry

Welcome to Emerald Coast HSMM.
We are a diverse group (military vets, truck drivers, teachers, pastors, clerical workers, and full-time prayer warriors) of Jesus loving bikers that share His Love and Grace with everyone we meet. Our chapter is located in Chipley, Florida but make no mistake God does not limit us to just this area.
Each of us has a past and understand more about where you are in your current life. We also know the feeling no one understands where I am and what I’m going through better than you think. Our goal is to reach people from all walks of life
We enjoy traveling and sharing how you can have eternal life thru the Blood of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do several events a year, plus are on our bike riding almost every weekend. Please reach out to us at any time you need someone to listen and/or pray for you.

Troy “Cajun” Landry – President – 850-260-627
Paul “Sir Bobblehead” Kemper – Vice President – 850-718-7954
James “Bozilla” Carlino – Chaplin – 334-805-3001 – Jrco052@yahoo.com

Tory “Hurricane” Landry – Secretary
Jeannie “Taco” Kemper – Treasurer echsmm@gmail.com

Danny “Danny Dawg” Dady
Alyy “Crispy” Wass
Forrest “Catch-Up” Wass

Amy “Kacheena” Daniels
Darrell “Shady” Campbell
Marie “Prayer Mama” Pettis – Support

Jesus saved us and He WILL save you too! Contact any of our members to show you the way.

We wear the Christian Flag on our backs with our armor patch in lower right hand corner