Church Planter (New Hope Jacmel Ministries in Haiti)

New Hope Jacmel Ministries International believes in a 5 part-mission of:

Evangelism: Planting churches and training leaders by establishing a church that will start other churches in the region

Education: Teaching and helping the whole community to read and write; and to establish a school that would be able to offer better education that will shape our young people for the future

HealthCare: To establish a community healthcare that will bring certain answers to the health issues that already exists

Empathy: Providing Mercy Ministry; and to establish orphanages to help with the most underprivileged children

Economics: Empowering business leaders; and to establish an enterprise to generate funds for the ministries, so that the work can be self-sustain the near future and, this will be able to help with the economic revival of the community and to improve the living conditions of the people living within the community

Special Prayer Request:
•pray for God to open a door for us, so that we can receive the money that is
•Continue to pray for safety in Haiti, and from all evildoers
•For our team in Jacmel, Haiti
•For fruitfulness and the result of our work to glorify God
•For God to continue to lead us to churches and individuals who will join us with prayer and financial support, so that we can raise enough funds to continue with our construction

N.B. We are in need of 3 Motocycles for 3 different pastors who have been working tiressly in the ministry! They walk more than 2 hours by foot to help us with the work the Lord has entrusted us. Please pray that the Lord would open doors so that we can provide them with that.

Together in His Vineyard,
Rev. Hector R Mardy
New Hope Jacmel Ministries Int.

Responses to Rev. Hector Roberto Mardy

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