Remembering Fran Mayson 10/12/45-11/19/20

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About this event:

Created by Dano Janowski

Fran Mayson, the first lady of Heaven’s Saints, passed away on 11/19/20. She was preceded in death by her husband, Barry Mayson, the founder of Heaven’s Saints Motorcycle Ministry who passed away on 7/4/07.

We have plenty of good memories and smiles from good times together in the past amid the tears we are now shedding in this bitter-sweet loss of her. Even though we are shedding tears over the loss of Fran, we were all honored to remember her as one of the best people we have come know and be with.

Please continue to keep the family, friends and the Saint’s Nation in your prayers.

RIP Fran Mayson 10/12/45-11/19/20