West Virginia Chapter

About Our Chapter

The West Virginia Chapter was chartered in Feb. of 2014, Z-Man’s first charter. We have 13 members at this time and are actively involved with our community and do both homeless and prison ministries.

In 2013 my wife Cat invited Robert and Alicia Happoldt to come and speak at the Biker Sunday at our church, little did we know that request would change our lives forever. When they arrived in West Virginia with Bobby and Gail Maxwell, it wasn’t long that they asked if we would ever consider starting a Heaven’s Saints chapter here. Little did they know the night before we were thinking of it . Also they had know idea that in 2006 Cat was saved at a Biker Sunday and the speaker that day was Barry Mayson. Because of the lack of a true MC ministry in our area we quickly said, “YES!” GOD HAD A PLAN from the moment Cat heard Barry speak .
Our good friend and now our Chaplain, Ralph Ross was the first person we spoke to and then he joined. And then our friends, Jeff and Laurel Roush decided to join. God had sent them from Cincinnati for this purpose, I know it in my heart.

We have had our ups and downs as most new chapters do but we have seemed to settle in pretty good now. Respected by all of our local clubs we have participated in many of their events, always letting them know we are them for them if needed. We are involved with the Central Ohio Chapter’s homeless mission in Columbus, Ohio and have started one in Charleston, West Virginia also. We are involved with the Bill Glass prison ministries and try to participate when they are within riding distance. We set up for the largest bike event in Southern Ohio, the Annual Meig’s County Memorial Day Run. Over 1500 bikes participate in this event every year and we are there to provide them with cold water, bike blessings and fellowship.

We also do fund raisers for different needs. Our granddaughter, Hayden, was born with “Spina Bifida” and needed a exercise bike that our son-in-law’s insurance would not cover. We decided to have a Spaghetti dinner to try to raise some of the $3000 needed for the bike, Guess what? When our dinner was over, God had put His hand in it and we had made over $8000! So now we have a fund to help her when an item she needs comes along and her daddy’s insurance can’t cover it.

We are so thankful to be part of such an awesome ministry. Our fellow Saints are always there to help us when we need it. Just recently we lost a brother the same day he got patched. So many of our brothers from Ohio came to help out during this tragic time and Z and Donna came to show their respects……will be grateful to all forever! I know that God has truly ordained our ministry and look forward to see what He has in store for us in the future.