Lost Friends

Hi, I saw your bit on the 700 club interactive with Robert and Elisha in the Heaven Saints, which lead me here. It was such an uplifting testimony. Thank you for setting up this prayer request on your website. My request is this. I became friends with this girl in my class with a troubled life which involved prostitution, drugs, rape, abortions, cheating, and a 5 year long verbally abusive relationship. She’s angry at God for her troubles, but has been willing to attend church with me and talk theologically about the bible. Even so, I could use the help in prayers.

Thank you – King
P.S. I really hope a Southern California chapter opens up here.

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  1. Thank you King Jo. We will be in prayer for you and your friend. IT will take time for her to get over all her hurts and abuse. But our God is amazing and he can completely restore her. Thank you for sharing.

    Robert and Alicia have moved in another direction in the MC nation. Their testimony sure is great.

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